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exe File Joiner

exe File Joiner

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What is exe File Joiner

exe File Joiner is a small program that allows you to easily combine (glue) two or more files (regardless of their type) into one executable file. This executable (the one with included files) is a simple compiled program that, when opened, automatically runs the included files one by one.
exe File Joiner can run any type of file from the merged file without affecting the functionality of the file.

  • For example, let’s say you combine two executables and an mp3 file. When the merged file is run, the two included executables will run on the system in the same way as before the merging, while the mp3 file will be opened with the associated mp3 player (Winamp, MediaPlayer, etc.).

How to Use File Joiner

The Joiner screen has simple options for joining any of your files.
The “Add File(s)” option on the Joiner main screen will help you add executable or source files. Then, simply by clicking the Generate button, all files selected for merging will be merged into a single executable file.
The compiler executes the running executable file, and the rest of the application files are started by the compiler automatically in the background from the built-in files.
You can choose the path where the files will be extracted, as well as make them hidden in the system.
EXE Joiner is portable – does not require installation, does not require .NET or any other runtime library.

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